Superior Universal Traffic via Image Optimization

March 22, 2010

As we keep saying, Superior SEO is NOT just about ranking for a few particular phrases anymore, it’s about a holistic understanding of the big picture, and looking sideways as well as upwards in the SERPs. One of the most important developments for SEO moving forwards is the advent of Google universal search results, i.e. [...]

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Superior SEO Tips from SEO Design Solutions

March 20, 2010

Superior SEO tips from a superior SEO design company Seriously, there is hardly anywhere on the internet that you get this kind of information from, and we should know, we’ve seen more SEO blogs than most.  If you are seriously interested in learning about the more advanced aspects of  SEO you should be subscribed and [...]

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Superior SEO Services

March 15, 2010

This is a good phrase, isn’t it? It’s totally traffic-less apart from the various SEOs trying to rank for it, but it’s emotive, it  just sounds so good everyone wants to rank for it, to be “the one” who is #1 for Superior SEO services This week there’s a new kid in Town.. The [...]

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Thesis 1.7 Update

February 28, 2010

The latest news on the upcoming Thesis 1.7 release from Chris & his team, brought to you by A couple of weeks have passed since my last email, and I STILL haven’t released Thesis 1.7 beta. Ya’see, the problem is that whenever I get close to release time, new little details reveal themselves, and [...]

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Thesis 1.7 – “Insane” SEO Options

February 11, 2010

From the Thesis team this morning.. Our goal this year is pretty simple: We want to continually blow you away with the best products and services that will help you build the best websites on the planet. Marketing rhetoric is fun and all, but I like action, and I know you do too. Here’s what [...]

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SEO Tips – Site Keyword Structure & Alignment

February 8, 2010

From the Mighty SEO Design Solutions – Aligning Keywords and Landing Pages One of the most valuable components of an SEO campaign is the correlation of aligning keywords and landing pages. How to Optimize Keywords and Landing Pages During the early stages of optimization, it is not uncommon to depend on the authority of [...]

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Superior WordPress Themes – Thesis King of Themes?

February 7, 2010

The search for the ultimate WordPress theme, and indeed WordPress website development platform may be over… . . We set this site up as an on-going experiment in many ways, but have been too busy to do anything with it as yet, however that is all changing in 2010. We’ve written before about wordpress seo [...]

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Superior SEO Domination

September 3, 2009

So we were specifically targeting the USA with this site because SEO Ibiza is now geo-targeted to the UK so this one made a couple of snipers smile this morning The main phrase is back to #3 or #4 again, probably for about 2-4 weeks we predict, then it should start to show it’s inherent [...]

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August 26, 2009

Mission accomplished. A mere 10 days from first indexing, the site is Google #1 on, and on .com Of course it will bounce around, Google just does these days, but this point is as proven as it need be, a wordpress SEO‘d mini (SBS sniper) site aimed at a phrase, using superior SEO technology [...]

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Top of Google

August 25, 2009

A total of 9 days from launch some Google indexes have us at #1 for the primary target term Superior SEO, mainly the Spanish ones, Google Mexico, Argentina & Spain. Link to this post!

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