SEO Design – Designing Innate Superiority into a Website

SEO Design is a term that has become popular with SEOs, if not searchers, and refers to the process of seo content production, site structure and internal linkage. These factors are all interdependent, and must all be correct.

“Optimization” by it’s very nature suggests that the site was sub-optimal to start with, effective SEO design aims to to fit the site together around the required SEO at the core, not to try to polish a sub-optimal site at a later date.

Obviously far superior results can be obtained when you do it all correct, right out of the box..

To understand “SEO design” as compared to web design, you need to think of your site as search engines see it, ie. the “Text version”


Here you can see the text, the links, and the onsite coding, H1 / 2 / 3 tags etc are of major importance, to a search engine this is your website.

Superior SEO design requires  an understanding of the importance and interplay between the various relevancy factors search engines look for, and ensuring the structure of the site is optimal for both immediate chart “punch” and the flexibility to expand with time naturally, into both your niche verticals, and also horizontally if required, to fill in the keyword gaps and eventually reach the hallowed “authority  site” status.

The placement of links on the page, the anchor text used for links, the keywords and phrases and their relevant densities on the page are some of the multiple onsite factors that will determine your Search Engine results.

There are of course many views on the best way to do things, and many cowboys in the field, so choosing a superior SEO company can be difficult and full of pitfalls if you are not technically minded.

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There are others using this phrase as a marketing strategy recently you might want to be more careful with..