“Superior” .. what does it actually mean in SEO terms?

superior seo - thesaurus mindmap

superior - thesaurus mindmap

Obviously, as well as the primary “glory terms” a  truly superior seo website must also rank for all the other ways of saying the same thing, ie:

Superior +

  • search engine optimization
  • search engine services
  • web design / services
  • internet marketing  company / services
  • online marketing / services

We have a very specific meaning in mind with regards to SEO, and will be filling up our Superior SEO Directory over time, but let’s start by taking a couple of definitions, from wikipedia – superior

Superior (hierarchy)

In a hierarchy or tree structure of any kind, a superior is an individual or position at a higher level in the hierarchy than another (a “subordinate” or “inferior”), and thus closer to the apex.

It is often used in business terminology to refer to people who are supervisors and in the military to people who are higher in the chain of command (Superior Officer).

Superiors are given, sometimes supreme, authority over others in the control. When an order is given one must follow that order and obey it or punishment may be issued.

truly superior


The mention of “hierarchy” & “structures” is not insignificant here because this is how you must arrange and treat the information on the site, because this is how search engines are programmed to expect your site to be structured, and when you meet their expectations they reward you with superior rankings.

And from Answers.com – superior the ones we especially like are highlighted  ;)

superior seo
superior seo

Dictionary - su·pe·ri·or/ səˈpi(ə)rēər/


  1. Higher than another in rank, station, or authority:
  2. Of a higher nature or kind.
  3. Of great value or excellence; extraordinary.
  4. Greater in number or amount than another: an army defeated by superior numbers of enemy troops, [or superior military techniques ;) ]
  5. Affecting an attitude of disdain or conceit; haughty and supercilious.
  6. Above being affected or influenced; indifferent or immune: Trust magnates were superior to law (Gustavus Myers).
  7. Located higher than another; upper.
  8. Botany. Inserted or situated above the perianth. Used of an ovary.
  9. Printing. Set above the main line of type.
  10. Logic. Of wider or more comprehensive application; generic. Used of a term or proposition.


  1. One that surpasses another in rank or quality.
  2. Ecclesiastical. The head of a religious community, such as a monastery, abbey, or convent.
  3. Printing. A superior character, as the number 2 in x2.

Obviously truly superior SEO implies being above your competitors looking down, with the ability to punish their business bottom line by selling to their customers before they do.

Superior SEO is only the means to the end, the end-goal is Superior ROI,

thus the equation can be expressed:

Better rankings + Better conversion rate = Superior SEO

Superior SEO + Time =  Better Bank Account.