Superior SEO on Caffeine

by admin on August 19, 2009

As Google Caffeine is obviously the beta future of Google search technology, Superior SEOs will now be focused heavily on that, and how things are shaping up for our sites on Google’s new vision of the web is likely to  be a fairly good guide to  the future effectiveness of our SEO efforts and approach.

…So if you’re falling on Caffeine, you’re probably too reliant on old school SEO techniques and you probably need to think a bit more laterally..

We’ve been looking at what’s going on with our brand new site (indexed 17-08) and were pleased, although not all that surprised to see a first page appearance in 2 days :)

superior seo design on caffeine

Immediately above us here are SEO Design Solutions, a truly superior SEO company whom we would not ever claim to be in their league, and may take some time to get past, we’ll keep you informed as always…

superior seo on caffeine

<<—But judging by this next one, which clearly shows the power of real superior seo in action, we don’t think it should be too hard moving forwards.. it and weep from a 2 day old (since indexed) website.. ;)



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