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by admin on August 20, 2009

We are very serious about building this site into the best resource we can for people who simply want to learn the superior SEO, from the not-so, be able to tell the difference, and implement techniques that work the best on their own site.

With that in mind we will be linking to every and any worthy information and resources, like this from the mighty SEO Design Solutions..

What is superior SEO web design? – we’ve quoted small parts below but are handing over today’s lesson to the masters, get over there and check it out.

The days of building static websites page by page are coming to a close. Dated platforms like (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.) that do not allow the content to speak to other segments (such as an inherent dynamically updating navigation menus or sitemaps) are essentially defunct in competitive industries.

Websites need to be dynamic, lean and pliable in order to incorporate changes at the side wide level (much like widgets or modules) as well as have the ability to customize each of the elements that require fine-tuning independent from those widgets (which means solution by design is more than just a motto).

What are some of the components of Superior SEO Web Design?

  • optimal and sub-optimal naming conventions
  • relevant meta descriptions
  • site architecture (flat, themed, tiered)
  • sitemaps (how many, which type xml, ror, html?)
  • enhanced tagging features and tag pages
  • landing pages (establishing a hierarchy)
  • syndication (RSS aggregators)
  • elimination of duplicate content through custom
    sidebars, iframes or footers as secondary navigation
  • an SEO friendly CMS (content management system)

These are just a few components that search engines assess to extract relevance. The notion is, if you have the ability to scale content over time, then the real missing ingredient is a pliable template that you can use as a platform to support the various branches of the website.

As we have been saying all along, clearly there is a lot more to a truly superior seo performance than merely ranking for a few easy terms. You need to think bigger, and you need to do it right from the start.

If just one aspect of your site is incorrect, like sub-optimal navigation, or large and slow loading, or not scalable for the future, it will hold the rest back and you never attain superior performance against the competition who get it all right.

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