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by admin on March 15, 2010

This is a good phrase, isn’t it?

It’s totally traffic-less apart from the various SEOs trying to rank for it, but it’s emotive, it  just sounds so good everyone wants to rank for it, to be “the one” who is #1 for Superior SEO services

This week there’s a new kid in Town..


The colours and styling look suspiciously like our old friends  FPR, but if that were true they’ve upped their game a little and at least built it on the right platform now ;)

It has certain trademarks from their coding, but it’s impossible to say for sure at the moment.

Anyway, whoever it belongs to, they’ve gone for the full sniper approach, domain, internal linking etc, let’s just hope it’s going to rank for other things besides “Superior SEO” and “superior SEO services” or it’s going to be a mighty big disappointment traffic-wise, and a huge waste of the raw ranking power of well configured WordPress SEO installation.

Because of actual superior seo, at 6 months in, ours is getting a reasonable amount of wordpress-specific traffic now, especially on the subject of Thesis 1.7, and doing this kind of thing too


Superior SEO services we look forward to jousting with you in the charts ;)

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Seo Specialist Philippines May 3, 2010 at 8:16 am

cool man….. nice site.. and

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