Superior Universal Traffic via Image Optimization

by admin on March 22, 2010

Ibiza image optimization

"Ibiza" image optimization

As we keep saying, Superior SEO is NOT just about ranking for a few particular phrases anymore, it’s about a holistic understanding of the big picture, and looking sideways as well as upwards in the SERPs.

One of the most important developments for SEO moving forwards is the advent of Google universal search results, i.e. images, and video appearing in the main SERP results.

Obviously if:

  1. you have a strong marketing plan
  2. you know how to make your results appear there..

..This could have a lot of potential. With that in mind we have been experimenting for a good while now to truly get to grips with how to rank images, because for most SEOs this is still a bit of a mystery, and nearly always an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be, because images are usually much easier to rank for than the same keyword in the normal SERPs, and for a new site can really get traffic moving quickly by comparison to the equivalent time to rank normally.

Also, following the “usual advice” won’t actually do you much good, that’s far too random, and entirely too  “may, or may not..” for us, so here’s a basic “how to” for anyone aspiring superior seo-ers who want to know.

1.) Use WordPress for your website if possible

Lots of people say WordPress is all you need for SEO, but that’s not actually true, as the SEO content and design are what YOU TYPE IN, not the particular codebase that you type it into. However with Images, it is closer to the truth, although the same principles apply on any site, WordPress does help you get it right without trying so hard.

2.) Follow the “usual” advice

Naming the image with relevant keywords, using alt text including (variations and modifiers of) the keywords, and a descriptive title, plus getting the keywords on the page, in the proximity of the images.

(This is as far as most SEOs can advise on image rankings, (without 1.) )

3.) Hotlink and use the image in another post, on the original site, or even better, another site.

4.) Link from the second image, to the first image, using your target keywords as ALT (anchor) text

5.) Text Link at the page from a couple of other places using your target keywords as Anchor Text

The picture above is on one of our test sites that has been pretty much empty since it was built 18 months ago,  so you’d likely think that the chances of getting it to rank for “Ibiza” with no content to speak of, and no links to speak of are pretty slim?

heh heh… :)


Now if you were to believe  the Google Adwords tool, “Ibiza” on the “exact ” setting is 1.2 million searches per month globally, and 20.4 million on the “broad” setting.

Without going into details this little website that’s had no work done on it whatever until this weekend just gone, has been quietly racking up between 2 – sometimes nearly 500 hits per day from just this one keyword.

We wouldn’t mind betting that’s more than the majority of Ibiza sites get from their entire longtail and main searches.

So anyway, now it’s established with a reasonable amount of relevant through-flow, we’re going to sort it out a bit and use it for it’s intended purpose, a high-quality hand-edited FREE Ibiza business advertising directory.

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