Thesis 1.7 Update

by admin on February 28, 2010

Thesis 1.7+superior seo = winner

Thesis 1.7+superior seo = winner

The latest news on the upcoming Thesis 1.7 release from Chris & his team, brought to you by

A couple of weeks have passed since my last email, and I STILL haven’t released Thesis 1.7 beta.

Ya’see, the problem is that whenever I get close to release time, new little details reveal themselves, and I end up learning something that I can use to add some more AWESOME to Thesis.

With 1.7, this effect has really been in overdrive, and I’ve been able to add some killer AND useful new functionality! Here’s the latest and greatest:

- Totally flexible comment system:

In previous versions, Thesis didn’t give you a choice here, and everybody’s comment areas were rendered in the same order “trackbacks – comments – comment form.” In 1.7, you’ll not only be able to drag and drop the display order, but you’ll also have a few more fine-tuning display options that are sure to please :D

- Include a slew of JavaScript libraries! Pretty much everyone can benefit from having Javascript libraries at their disposal, and with Thesis 1.7, you’re just a click away from the most popular ones. Add jQuery, jQuery UI, MooTools, SWFObject, and others, and kiss those old JS library folders goodbye!

- Reorganized Thesis Options page: The more I organize the underlying code, the more I’m able to organize the controls you use to unleash Thesis’ potential. Straight up, the Thesis Options are leaner, faster, and more sensibly-arranged in 1.7.

Talk to you soon!

Chris Pearson and the DIYthemes team

In the meantime, you don’t have to wait for it to be released, if you buy Thesis now you’re entitled to the free upgrade anyway. ..what are you waiting for?

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