What is a Superior SEO Web Design ?

Superior SEO Web Design is the marriage of SEO design with creativity and technology to produce beautiful, visually appealing websites that perform with the best of their class  in the Search Engines.

A superior SEO web design should have considered and implemented the following principles:

  1. keyword research at concept stage.
  2. domain name choice, / directory / filenames (stemming & theming)
  3. correct site structure / architecture / scalability
  4. correct link weighting nav and content
  5. clean semantic, minimal code
  6. Use of CSS to separate content and style
  7. small file sizes HTML & images
  8. fast load speed

Plus, it must be visually appealing, and effective at converting prospects into customers upon their arrival on the site.

It is no good having powerful SEO, driving good rankings, if the site does not convert your visitors to paying customers

It is fundamental to understand that the global nature of Google has changed, and continues to change with ever increasing regularity. In most cases there is no such thing anymore as a stable #1 ranking, and certainly not globally.

Across Google’s multiple language zones and datacenters people will see different results to you, you cannot assume that what you see is what others see anymore.

Thus the goal is to rank first page,  preferably above the fold, and ideally top #3 for as many possible different relevant phrases and modifiers as possible.

Superior seo web design is thus not about ranking for one or two keyword phrases, it is about laying the foundations, from the beginning, for a website that can eventually go:

“right to the top of your most competitive keyword or phrase whilst simultaneously gathering up all of your other easier relevant keywords and all the variations of their modifiers.”

The traffic and conversions are in the longtail.

Anything else cannot be considered superior.

Using WordPress for your new website..

WordPress is a superior SEO platform, there’s no doubt. All that is required is to build the SEO into it from the start and you will reap the rewards.

Learn more about WordPress Web Design.