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by admin on August 16, 2009

One of the reasons we built this site was to test out the new technology on it as it becomes available, because in all honesty, we have gotten a little lazy with our default setup, because it just works so well, and the old adage applies in SEO as in life:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

But this is a brand new project, as yet un-indexed by Google, who seem to be on a go-slow again this week, so we can try all the new stuff on this from scratch, and one of them we’ve been gagging to play with is SEO Design Solutions new WordPress SEO Plugin – SEO Ultimate

seo ultimate

Well, it’s installed and operational and first impressions are good, it’s a very strong tool,  far more comprehensive than All-in-One-SEO (which is the default, and a fine package)

seo ultimate panel

Once installed the plugin has a dropdown menu below the plugins menu,  shown here on the left from which you access the various modules that form the plugin.

All of them have been very carefully thought out as you would  expect from the SEO Design Solutions team, and in totality provide solid comprehensive and clever control over the various aspects required for a superior wordpress SEO setup.

  • Title Re-writer gives you precise finite control over all types of content titles, including cats, tags
  • Noindex Manager gives you simple but complete control over every type of page in your WordPress setup
  • Slug Optimizer holds a long editable list of stop words it will  automatically remove & re-write your slugs (post URLs)

The 404 Monitor tracks every 404 “Page not found” error so you can fix the problem, (or fix the broken inbound link!)

And check out the funky Linkbox Inserter (bottom of this post) offering your visitors the ideal (customized) link text code,  to encourage easy linking to that page or post.

As for performance, as with cars it’s a lot about the driver..

We’ll let you know ;)

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Nizal January 20, 2014 at 11:06 pm

thanks brother, i like seo ultimate :he

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