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by admin on August 22, 2009

Ok, so the plan is to let the site settle for a couple of weeks and just document progress, then we will be discussing in detail the superior techniques behind the meteoric rises demonstrated.

As of this morning the 6 day old demo site is now  first page for all 5 of the initial Superior SEO + target terms we aimed it at.  If it follows the patterns we usually see with our targeted mini-sites there will be no significant drops, we would now expect it to ease it’s way into the top 3′s and more #1′s  in another week or two.

Here’s this mornings SERP positions.

superior seo six days old.

In the meantime, at 6 days in we’ve started outranking the main SEO Ibiza site (which is no SERP slouch) plus our spec ops site, and simultaneously taken the first Google #1 for “superior WordPress SEO” as screen-shotted  below.

We particularly like this term, because it sums up the whole project, WordPress is a Superior SEO platform from the start, then when you add know-how, and superior wordpress plugins, suddenly 1+1 = 3, and it becomes almost unstoppable, so how better to prove this than to use it to demonstrate rapid progress against our own deeply entrenched site?

superior wordpress seo

..It will bounce around a bit, they always do, but we’re pretty confident this is neither the Google honeymoon, nor will there be any sandboxing, but we will see in due course.

We would also  invite anyone who thinks this is a totally uncompetitive search and very easily done, to come and try to get above this site for these terms.

Lets make them competitive and see who can walk the walk with the real superior SEO ;)

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